Win up to KRW50,000 this summer!

Yes, you read that right! Stand a chance to win up to KRW50,000 worth of vouchers this summer with our Instagram summer photo contest!!

We’re giving away 5 x KRW10,000 worth of Starbucks voucher. Here’s how to win:

📸 Whilst you’re travelling around South Korea, pose and snap a photo with the Lexis Korea bag given to you during Orientation on your first day.


📸 Upload your best and most creative pose on your Instagram.

📝 In your caption, you must include hashtag of the name of the place where the photo was taken (eg. #bukchonhanok or #북촌한옥마을)

📌 Also, ensure to tag us @lexiskorea and include hashtag #learnkoreanfastfun in your caption so we can track your entry! 😉

✅ You must be a follower of @lexiskorea and your Instagram account must be public in order for the image to be displayed on the photo gallery and to be considered as a contest entry.

✅ This summer photo contest runs until 3rd August 2018. There will be 5 weekly winners in total. One weekly winner will be announced at 12pm South Korean local time on the 6th July, and the next 4 consecutive Fridays following that. The winner may then pick up the prize at our reception.

Good Luck! 🙂

How to Make Korean Traditional Hair Accessory 배시댕기 만들기


지난 주 금요일(6월 22일)에 한국 전통 장신구인 ‘배시댕기’ 만들기를 했어요.


종류가 3개가 있어서 복잡했지만

这个 배시댕기 种类有三种,所以有点儿做得复杂。

학생들이 똑똑해서 잘 따라와줬어요:)


잘 모르겠으면 옆 친구의 도움도 받아서 열심히 종이접기를 하고 있는 중이에요.


집중하고 있는 모습이 정말 예쁘네요.


먼저 다른 종이로 연습을 한 후에 예쁜 꽃 종이로 다시 만들었어요.


예쁘게 꾸민 후에 머리띠에 붙이면 완성이에요!



종이접기지만 나름 퀄리티가 있어서 한복을 입고 머리에 쓰면 정말 예쁠 것 같아요~


Lexis Busan Monthly Activities

Our after-class monthly activities are updated on a monthly basis and you will be able to find the updated calendars here on our Facebook page.

Below is a quick rundown of the activities that we offer and an explanation of what they are:

On Mondays, we run Seomyeon City Tour specifically for our new weekly intake students as a mean to introduce Seomyeon and to help them familiar themselves with the area surrounding school.


On Tuesdays, we run Lexis Help Desk to help you with your life in Korea, be it for flight bookings, concert ticket reservations, or any enquiries you may have about applying for your Alien Registration Card (ARC), opening a bank account, getting a prepaid mobile SIM Card… whatever your concern is, we are there to help you!


Wednesdays are meant for social activities – where we run our bi-monthly Lexis Meet Up and Study Group programs on alternate weeks.

Our Study Group offers student the chance to meet students from other classes & study together. A teacher would also be present so this provides you with the opportunity to ask questions you may have when self-studying.

Lexis Meet Up is a language exchange event that we have set up and have running for a couple of years now. This social event brings together both our International students as well as local Korean students together – this is a great chance not only to meet and befriend new friends but also practice your speaking/listening skills with the native speakers.


As for Thursdays, we have various after class activities and they differ each week.

  1. WEEK 1 – JOB CLUB: For those on appropriate visas that enables you to work whilst in South Korea (such as working holiday visas), we are able to help you with your resume writing & seek part time jobs.
  2. WEEK 2 – MOVIE DAY: Catch a movie with your school mates here at school. We will be showing Korean movies (with English subtitles) – take it as a listening practice!
  3. WEEK 3 – NATIVE KOREAN: There are many various Korean dialects used in different areas and cities. Learn the different dialects and slangs (such as 짱! 헐! 대박!) used by the locals to impress your Korean friends.
  4. WEEK 4 – K-POP & K-DRAMA: Learn Korean through K-pop music lyrics and popular K-drama dialogues is a good (and we believe a very fun) way to improve your speaking/listening skills.

Last but not least – Fridays!! Friday Funday~

On the 1st and 3rd week of the month, we would have excursions and daytrips, with the destination varying each month, to introduce glimpse of Busan to our students.

On the 2nd week of the month, we have introduced Korean Kitchen, held within the school facilities, we will be introducing Korean food and ingredients to our students. This is a hands-on class where you will get to learn how to make a Korean dish!

You may check out a couple of Korean Kitchen blogpost listed below:

And of course, we always wrap up our month with a bang! On the last Friday of every month, we hold a dinner party which we have dubbed as ‘Lexis Student Night’ gathering both our international and Korean students. Our Student Nights have been known as the legendary night of bonding as it involves good food, beer and soju. This is a night not to be missed! 😉

We hope you’re as excited as we are about our activities – we surely can’t wait to share not only the Korean language but also our Korean history, culture and tradition with you. So please do join us and be a part of these activities!

2018.06.15 sasang living history museum



오늘  사상에 있는 생활사 박물관에 다녀 왔어요.

Hari ini sudah pergi ke museum sejarah kehidupan di dalam sasang.

독일에서 온 기기 씨와 함께 사상의 역사에 대해 알아보았어요.

Kami belajar sejarah yang sasang dengan papak gigi, yang  ke datang jerman.

KakaoTalk_20180616_134354429열심히 질문하고 설명 듣는 기기 씨와 사상의 역사와  변화에 대해 설명해 주시는 해설가님.











사상 생활사 박물관에서  70-80년 대  입었던 교복과  전통 놀이 체험을 할 수 있었어요.

Bisa permainan tradisi dan seragam sekolah yang menakai dari tahun 1970 sampai 1980 di dalam  museum  sejarah kehidupan sasang.



1972년으로 돌아가 다시 고등학생이 되어 도시락을 드시고 계시는 기기 씨.










‘제첩국 사이소~ 맛있는 제첩국 한 사발 하이소!






 딱지치기와 투호, 공기놀이, 고무신 멀리 던지기, 제기차기 등등을 할 수 있어서 좋았어요.

Di sini baik karena akan bisa  permain tradisi ( jegi , tuho , permainan gonggi , permainan lempar sepatu gomusin…)

그리고  생태 공원에서 산책을 했어요 . 생태 공원에서는 인라인 스케이트와 자전거를 탈 수 있어서 좋았어요.

Dan kimi sudah jalan jalan di park ekolongi sasang . Baik baik Di situ karena akan bisa pernaik skate inrain dan sepeda .





Making TopokkI

6월 8일에 진행된 한국 요리 수업입니다~!
떡볶이 레시피는
매운맛에 익숙하지 않은
학생들을 위해
케찹 떡볶이
준비한 재료들을
알맞게 썰어주세요~!
양파는 송송송 채를 썰고


어묵은 먹기 좋게
한 입 크기로


그리고 떡볶이 소스
(고추장1, 케첩3, 설탕 1, 다진마늘1, 간장1)

1=어른 숟가락 한 스푼

맵게 먹고 싶으면
고추장을 많이!
덜 맵게 먹고 싶다면
케찹을 많이!



간단하지만 맛있는
떡볶이를 본격적으로


불을 다룰 때는 항상 조심!

재료들을 넣고 충분히 끓인 후
떡볶이 소스를 넣어주세요.
어떤 팀이 더 맛있게 만들었을지

맛이 어떤지 간을 볼까요~?



케찹 떡볶이 완성~


즐거운 시식시간~!

(치즈나 라면, 만두가 함께 있으면
더 맛있어요)



렉시스 분식집에서
떡볶이 먹는 두 학생.
“이모 여기 한 접시 더 주세요~”



마지막 소스까지 야무지게
긁어먹는 학생⁼̴̤̆◡̶͂⁼̴̤̆

매운걸 잘 못먹는 학생에게
맛이 어떠냐 물었더니
“맛있게 매워요.”라고 하네요^^
여러분도 맛있게 매운 케찹 떡볶이
만들어 보세요~!

즐거웠던 떡볶이 만들기 시간이었습니다.^^