Get to know beachside city – Busan


Busan is a vibrant and dynamic city, famed for its stunning stretches of beaches. With a population of approximately 3.5 million people, Korea’s second largest city is a bustling metropolis with world-class resorts, a vibrant merchant culture, and all the excitement that you would expect from Korea’s cultural capital!

Busan has so much to offer; just minutes from the bustling downtown area you can lounge on one of Asia’s finest beaches, explore the wilds of Korea’s national parks, get lost in the world’s largest department store, find inner peace meditating in a temple, and enjoy the fresh seafood in the largest fish market in Korea.

Student’s choose Busan as a study destination for the laid-back vibe, the very affordable cost of living, a the year-round welcoming climate.  While Seoul is the business capital of Korea, Busan is where Koreans come to have fun!


Busan proudly claims the status of ‘ Korea’s Cultural Capital, with many international events such as the Busan International Film Festival, Busan Fireworks Festival, Haeundae Sand Festival taking place each year.

But life in Busan is all about the ocean,  with stunning coastlines and a range of water leisure sports that includes banana boating, jet skis and even a 200m long water slide into the ocean.


Of course, if one is eager to escape the frantic pace of city life and opt for a more relaxing summer holiday, just unwinding and lazing by the beach, we assure you that Busan would not disappoint. Known as the “Miami of South Korea”, Busan is the most popular summer holiday destination in Korea and has something to offer everyone!

We invite you to experience Busan whilst studying the Korean language with us! 🙂

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