Must-Eat Busan Local Delicacy

Every city offer their specific local delicacy and of course, Busan is also no different. Below we share with you the must-eats that best represents Busan. 

Fresh Seafood 해산물

Busan located close to the ocean, boasts a plethora of the freshest seafood. One is able to enjoy a variety of different seafood at Jagalchi Market, known to be the largest fish market in Korea. Make sure not to miss out on raw fish if you’re in Busan!


You may also want to check out 영도 해녀촌 [hae-nyeo-chun] which is nestled between Haeundae Beach and Songjeong Beach. There the “hae-nyeo” or better known as women divers spend the day free-diving more than 20 feet deep to harvest seafood by hand. Their catch are then served fresh to customers. Enjoy the beautiful view of the coastline whilst you dig into the freshest seafood!

Dwaeji Gukbap 돼지국밥

Pork rice soup is one of Busan’s most popular local delicacies. Packed with earthy flavours, pork rice soup is a hearty, dense soup that will be sure to kick start your day right.

Mil-myeon 밀면

Another culinary staple in Busan is definitely mil-myeon which is cold wheat noodles usually served with shredded cucumbers, boiled eggs, and meat slices in cold icy broth or dry but mixed with sweet, spicy chilli sauce. Usually restaurants that serve mil-myeon often also serves steamed dumplings which goes well with the cold noodles.

Eo-muk 어묵

Fish cakes are a popular street snacks in Korea, but Busan takes pride in extra delicious fish cakes. You will find many road side stalls that sells eo-muk and also fishcake specialty stores where many would buy fish cakes as souvenirs or gifts.

Ssi-at Hotteok 시앗호떡

For those with a sweet tooth, ssiat hotteok is not to be missed. This sweet pancake is stuffed with cinnamon-flavoured brown sugar and filled with sunflower seeds and nuts. There are many hotteok carts especially in the Nampo-dong alleys, close to where the BIFF square is.

Korean Pancake with Squid (찌짐 & 오징어)

찌짐 [pronounced jji-jim] is the Busan dialect for 파전 [pa-jeon] Korean pancakes. The mixture in red is a combination of vegetables and fresh squid mixed in sweet spicy sauce. You’re supposed to mix a bit of the pancake with the spicy vegetable mixure as shown on the picture on the left. This is a dish only available in Busan and can be found at the street food stalls in Nampo-dong.

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