Beach Season in Busan

Busan, located along the beautiful coastline, is the second largest city in South Korea and has a relaxing and laidback holiday-resort-city vibe to it, with beautiful beaches, making Busan a popular summer tourist spot for both tourists and locals alike. Today we’ll be sharing with you the Top 5 beaches in Busan that you can visit during summer!

Haeundae Beach

For most, Haeundae Beach is what first comes to mind when they think of Busan. As the icon of Busan, the white sandy shores become packed with beachgoers during the day and party animals in the evening in summer. You will find the beach covered with beach umbrellas from end-to-end for those wanting to enjoy some beachside relaxation, those wanting a bit more of an adrenaline rush enjoy the water sports such as jet-skiiing and banana boat rides.

Gwangalli Beach

Whilst Haeundae may be the most popular beach, Gwangalli beach is not too far behind especially with the majestic Gwangan Bridge that spans across the sea. Known also as the diamond bridge when it is beautifully lit up at night, Gwangalli has a more romantic vibe where visitors are able to stroll on the beach and feel the sea breeze caress their faces. There are also lots of restaurants, cafes and trendy beachside bars you may want to stop at for a bite or a drink. During summer, the beach turns into a stage offering entertainment to visitors in the form of busking, magic shows or dance performances.

Songdo Beach

Songdo Beach
The main attraction at Songdo Beach is the 365-meter long skywalk that is built above sea with glass bottom, allowing visitors to watch the crashing waves underneath. The skywalk is open and well lit until 11pm so visitors can enjoy the beautiful nightscape. There is also cable car service where visitors are able to allow visitors to travel from Songnim Park to Annam Park and see the area from a different perspective.

Songjeong Beach

Known as a surfer’s paradise, Songjeong’s shallow waters, gentle waves and warm water temperature make this beach surfer-friendly all year round. Songjeong is a more secluded option for those who are not big fans of the crowd. On the right edge of the beach facing the ocean, there is also Gudeokpo Café Street where café-goers are able to enjoy their hand-drip coffee and desserts with the view of the ocean.

Dadaepo Beach

The sunset at Dadaepo is so magnificient that it attracts many amateur photogprahers who want to capture the beautiful sunset, whilst many families visit Dadaepo to enjoy the mud flats. It is recommended to visit Dadaepo during when the sun sets to also catch the Sunset of Fountain Dreams – a huge musical fountain that comes to life at night, and water that shoots as high as 55 meters dances to the variety genres of background music.

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