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The classes were very interactive and we were always pushed out of our comfort zones to speak, so that was great. I really learned so much more than I thought I would during my time here. The negative thing was that I felt it was a bit too difficult, in the textbooks there was always grammar and vocabulary used in the examples that we hadn’t learned yet, and that made it difficult for me to understand.

My teachers were amazing, so good at their jobs, very kind and supportive. They always made me feel motivated and pushed me to learn more, they made learning Korean a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it. I will really miss them when I go home. I have nothing negative at all to say about them, they are amazing.

I liked the Korean drinking culture class as it was a good insight into a big part of many Koreans lives. I also liked the excursions we made on Fridays after class.

All in all, I had a great experience in Lexis Busan. Whenever I had difficulties, my teachers always helped me. I loved learning, even though the pace was at times high and too difficult for me. My teachers were great, my classmates are now my close friends and it was a great experience to live in Korea for the first time. I am for sure coming back. Thank you very much for my time here.

Mathilda from Sweden


[Lance did private 1:1 lessons at our Lexis Busan campus.]

The classes were appropriately tailored to my level. The content was interesting and applicable. 김윤정 선생님 did a great job preparing for class. She always had plenty of content and even made presentations to help me learn the background of several tourist sites in Busan before visiting them. She also encouraged me to share my opinions about the topics we studied which gave me an opportunity to use the new words I had just learned. I had a great time studying and exploring Busan. I hope I can return soon.

Lance from United States

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First off, I am so glad I chose Busan over Seoul for my first experience of Korea. I feel like I could not just get to know Korean’s warm hearts here but at Lexis Busan I felt welcomed, at home and comfortable. Because of the great atmosphere the teachers create here I was able to study easily and see myself improve every day. All the teachers were wonderful and very supportive. They always try their best and only want to see you improve. They care a lot and explain well. And all the topics we covered during the classes were very helpful and perfect to learn how to hold basic conversations. I want to thank everyone at Lexis for giving me a great experience and although I don’t want to leave, I’ll do it with a happy heart thanks to everyone.

Helene from Germany