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It was one in a life experience that has a special place in my heart. Each and every person that took part of my experience in Lexis Busan will be remembered. Thank you for not only teaching me another language but also for all that amazing experiences. 사랑하고 감사합니다 💜

Ana from Brazil

Sihyeon Jung was born in Korea but grew up in Vietnam and Australia. He attended Lexis Korea in hope to improve his mother tongue. 


한국어 수업들은 아주 재미있었고 많이 배울수도있었어요. 수업에 몰랐던 문장들이랑 단어들도 아주 많이 알게되었어요. 또는 쓰기랑 읽기 를 자주 하는게 아주 큰 돟도움이 된것같아요.

선생님은 아주 잘 가르쳐주는 데다가 수업도 아주 재미있게 해줬어요. 수업시간에는 엄청 잘 가르치고 학생들이 필요한 점들을 잘 도와줘요. 예를들면 쓰기를 못하면 잘 쓴는 방법을 알려주고 발음이 안좋으면 고쳐주로 노력을 많이해요. 선생님은 아주 재미있는 사람이고 수업에 재미있는 말을 많이 해서 엄청 좋아요. 저는 정말 선생님 덕분에 한국어를 더 잘하게됐고 다음에 또 오고싶게됐어요.

An amazing experience! Making interesting friends from all over the world was a great experience for me.

Sihyeon Jung from Korea

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I had a great time in Lexis Busan mainly because of the people. The teachers and the staff were like a family and it made me feel comfortable really quickly. The classes were hard and fast but I really like that because it made me improve my Korean. My teacher was amazing. She taught us well. She was communicative and always answered our many questions. She brought a professional and efficient atmosphere to the class and was also really kind and fun. I feel so grateful! The atmosphere was positive and everyone has been helpful. The Student Services team was always there to help and with a big smile. I felt like I always had a big support from them. They were really helpful, positive and fun! Classes and the activites were interesting and fun. Thanks to them, I got to meet new friends for life. I feel so grateful… I already miss Lexis Busan. 진짜 감사합니다 ~


Gaëlle from Switzerland