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5466 Max

My experience in Lexis Korea was really great. The positive aspects of my class were the very structured lecture of class and the very friendly teachers. I learned so much Korean in this 2 weeks at Lexis Korea as I usually learned in a year by myself. The teacher’s were great and the experience was unique. I would recommend Lexis Korea. I hope I can come back one day.

Max from Germany

4829 나탈리

Staying in Busan and attending Lexis for the past 5 months has been a huge learning curve and exciting all at the same time. I’ve met many great people from different countries and made friends that I will never forget. Within the classes of Lexis I could feel myself improving as the weeks went by and as I levelled up. There was a good mixture of speaking Korean along with vocabulary and grammatical writing exercises which gave the lessons diversity and helped me improve my Korean quickly. The teacher I had was exceptional at explaining Korean vocabulary and grammar so that I immediately understood the meaning and was able to use the vocabulary or grammatical concepts properly. When I go home, I know that I will always remember my experiences in Korea and in Lexis Korea, I really hope to one day return.

Natalie from Canada


I could not be happier with my experience at Lexis Korea’s Busan campus. Having graduated from college, I’ve been taught by a fair number of different teachers. Lexis Busan’s teachers are top tier in all aspects. With their support, my Korean has improved considerably throughout my 3 month stay and I’ve gained confidence in my abilities. It’s an amazing feeling to notice these improvements and to become comfortable using this new knowledge to go about life in Korea.

I enjoyed every activity I took part in as they were not only a great opportunity to become closer with other classmates and the teachers but I also learned more about Korean culture. Activities I joined include cooking, field trips to museums and parks, taking part in a tea ceremony, and Hanbok making.

Additionally, Lexis Busan’s staff made me excited to come to class every day and I only wish I could have stayed longer. The student services team was outstanding! Friendly and always happy to help out with whatever I needed. They were a critical component to making my stay in Korea comfortable and enjoyable. Thank you so much to every member of the student services team – they are appreciated and valued.

Given my experiences, I have even decided to delay my academic and career plans to return to Lexis Busan later this year and continue my Korean studies. I highly recommend anyone interested in learning Korean to study at Lexis – you will not regret it!

Hojoong from United States