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I had a great time in Lexis Busan mainly because of the people. The teachers and the staff were like a family and it made me feel comfortable really quickly. The classes were hard and fast but I really like that because it made me improve my Korean. My teacher was amazing. She taught us well. She was communicative and always answered our many questions. She brought a professional and efficient atmosphere to the class and was also really kind and fun. I feel so grateful! The atmosphere was positive and everyone has been helpful. The Student Services team was always there to help and with a big smile. I felt like I always had a big support from them. They were really helpful, positive and fun! Classes and the activites were interesting and fun. Thanks to them, I got to meet new friends for life. I feel so grateful… I already miss Lexis Busan. 진짜 감사합니다 ~


Gaëlle from Switzerland


Lexis Busan was the perfect place for me to come before doing a semester of university in Seoul. I loved the city of Busan during summer and the Lexis classes and activities both introduced me to Korea and helped me make some life long friendships which have helped me settle into Korea tremendously.

Kyle from Australia

Peyton 5991

Lexis was definitely the best thing about my time in Busan (and Korea in general)! I had a goal to learn as much Korean as I could while I was here, and Lexis made that so easy. The organization of the school and teachers are the best part of Lexis. Everyone was kind, knowledgeable, and the classes were structured wonderfully! It was really cool to meet other students from all over the world. Everything about Lexis sets the students up for success and I cannot recommend it enough. Will definitely be back! 🙂

Peyton from United States