Thank you, Cherry Hsia!

We recently had the beautiful, kind and friendly Cherry Hsia join us at our Lexis Busan campus. Cherry, a Taiwanese actress, better known to the public as 夏如芝 or Hsia Ju Chih, undertook our Intensive Korean 25 course for 10 weeks.

dsc03281.jpgShe started off in our Korean Foundation Class and moved up to Beginner then Elementary before completing her course with us.

DSC03161Cherry was very kind to share her personal feedback of her experience with us as per below. We’re glad to hear that you had a good time at Lexis Busan and that based on your positive experience, you would recommend us to others! 🙂

감사합니다 체리씨~ 우리 다음에 또 뵙겠습니다!

Cherry Testi

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