Lexis Busan Accommodation – Mini Studios

Here at Lexis Busan, we offer 3 different types of accommodations that you can opt for, namely  mini studio, homestay and serviced apartments.

The Mini Studio option being a popular choice amongst our students, would be most suitable if you wish to live closer to the school, and in Seomyeon area.

Whilst accommodation can be expensive especially within Seomyeon area where our Lexis Busan campus is located, Lexis Korea has exclusive arrangements with accommodation providers offering our students clean, comfortable, and very reasonably priced rooms.

Most of the mini studios are located a short 10-15 minutes away from our Lexis Busan campus. They are also located just a short stroll to an endless selection of shops,
restaurants, and bars.

These mini studios also have a full CCTV security system in place and on-site security, making mini studio’s an idea option for students especially women travelling alone.

Rooms are self-contained, with basic furnishings and a private bathroom. As you can see in the above pictures, the basic furnishings include bed, storage space, desk, chair, mini fridge and a mini TV. Whilst pillow and blanket will be provided, students will be required to bring their own toiletries and towels.

kitchen 1kitchen

Kitchen and laundry facilities are shared amongst other guests within the building. The kitchen is equipped and there is free rice, noodles and kimchi available for all guests. There is also a water filter machine with hot and cold water available.

So yes, if budget is your main priority, the mini studio option would be the most affordable choice for a comfortable stay. Having said that though, whilst the mini studios are the cheapest possible private accommodation, please keep in mind that the rooms are relatively smaller as well. 😉

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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