Welcome to Lexis Busan!

Hello and welcome to Lexis Busan. 🙂

Lexis Busan was opened in July 2017 and we fill the 6th Floor of the DS Tower located in Seomyeon – the downtown, and central commercial hub of Busan. It’s an ideal place for shopping, food and entertainment.


Seomyeon is the beating heart of Busan, a place where people come to people-watch and to be seen. The character of Seomyeon, much like the Gangnam of Seoul, is bustling with life all day long, and long into the night.


The streets of Seomyeon are filled with cafes, bars, and restaurants that offer delicious and inexpensive food which naturally attracts many youngsters.


With Seomyeon being the public transportation hub in Busan, including both the bus and subway, there is no surprises as to why Seomyeon is the most crowded area in Busan. You can easily get to anywhere in Busan from Seomyeon. Seomyeon Subway station is one of the busiest subway stations in Korea and it acts as the transfer station for Busan Subway Line 1 and Line 2.

How to get to Lexis Busan?

DS Tower is located 5 minutes’ walk from Seomyeon Station, Exit 2 (Subway Line 1/2). Walk straight for approximately 250m and take a left turn at Young Street. You would then need to walk all the way straight until you arrive at Holly’s Cafe on your right. Take a right turn and you will spot DS Tower Entrance, right next to Baskin Robbins.

how to get here

Alternatively, you may alight at Jeonpo Station, Exit 7 (Line 2), walk straight for approximately 30m then take a left turn and walk down Jeonpo Cafe Street. You will then see DS Tower right across from you.


Otherwise, you may catch Bus No. 43 and get off at the Bujeon Library, which is located just across the road from DS Tower.


You can find us on the 6th Floor of DS Tower – you will see our reception right in front of the elevators, where our friendly staff will be present to assist you.


We invite you to study the Korean language with us here at Lexis Busan! 🙂

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