Teacher was very great fun and professional. I really enjoyed learning with lots of great classmates. Mini studio in Busan was heaven – way better than in Seoul. Lexis was overall a really good experience. I learned a lot, and not just Korean. I discovered a lot of things about others and about me. I… Continue reading Maxime-Eric from France

Maxime-Eric from France

The school in Busan was really nice to visit – the atmosphere was very enjoyable and I learned a lot of new things in a small amount of time. Also, I like that all the teachers regardless of which class they give lessons to, are interested in helping during breaks or other moments.

Tom from Netherlands

When I first arrived, I did not know what to expect at all but I would never have thought Lexis would turn out to be this good. I’ve had the time of my life, met so many amazing and interesting people including the teachers. Every morning when I arrived to Lexis, it felt like coming… Continue reading Emma from Sweden

Emma from Sweden

It was overall a very good experience. I learned a lot and made friends. The employees were super friendly and helped you out whereever and whenever you needed help. =) I also stayed in a homestay and had a very nice host. Very good homecooked food. My hosts were very friendy and lovely and I… Continue reading Philipp from Switzerland

Philipp from Switzerland

It was very fun experience for me. In the morning I learnt a lot of grammar, and had many opportunities to practise the grammar I have learnt. In the afternoon class, I learnt to speak about topics and give opinions and advice on issues. It was very fun and I’m glad my teachers helped me… Continue reading Jennings from Singapore

Jennings from Singapore

In the past 3 weeks, I’ve learnt more Korean than I thought would be possible. The teachers are lovely and getting into contact with both your fellow students as well as Korean students is very easy. My really enthusiastic and well -qualified teacher ensured that everybody was keeping up and challenged me in a fun… Continue reading Maren from Germany

Maren from Germany

This was an overall amazing experience! I loved learning and living in Korea! It really opened my eyes to what it means to live in Korea as opposed to what the media shows. I learned so much and I hope to share the experience with my friends and family!

Hezekiah from United States

I really enjoyed my stay here at Lexis Busan. I was not only able to improve my Korean but also learn a lot about Korean culture and history. It is a small school but it has a friendly and charming atmosphere. I can recommend Lexis Busan to everybody!

Mina Seiler from Switzerland

Lexis Busan has a more relaxed environment and everyone knows everybody so that’s nice. Also, the tests are on Friday which allows students to have more time to enjoy weekend without having the pressure to study over the weekend. I was also very satisfied with my homestay accommodation. I felt like I had a second… Continue reading Sara Urbain Sanz from Sweden

Sara Urbain Sanz from Sweden

Even though Busan campus is just starting out, it is already creating a solid reputation for being a great Korean language institute. The teachers are lovely and always include the students, and the students easily create a welcoming atmosphere. Even though afternoon classes are tied along with morning classes, making them exceptionally intensive, I feel… Continue reading Kellie from Australia

Kellie from Australia