It was one in a life experience that has a special place in my heart. Each and every person that took part of my experience in Lexis Busan will be remembered. Thank you for not only teaching me another language but also for all that amazing experiences. 사랑하고 감사합니다 💜

Ana from Brazil

I had a great time in Lexis Busan mainly because of the people. The teachers and the staff were like a family and it made me feel comfortable really quickly. The classes were hard and fast but I really like that because it made me improve my Korean. My teacher was amazing. She taught us… Continue reading Gaëlle from Switzerland

Gaëlle from Switzerland

Lexis was definitely the best thing about my time in Busan (and Korea in general)! I had a goal to learn as much Korean as I could while I was here, and Lexis made that so easy. The organization of the school and teachers are the best part of Lexis. Everyone was kind, knowledgeable, and… Continue reading Peyton from United States

Peyton from United States

Teacher was very great fun and professional. I really enjoyed learning with lots of great classmates. Mini studio in Busan was heaven – way better than in Seoul. Lexis was overall a really good experience. I learned a lot, and not just Korean. I discovered a lot of things about others and about me. I… Continue reading Maxime-Eric from France

Maxime-Eric from France

First off, I am so glad I chose Busan over Seoul for my first experience of Korea. I feel like I could not just get to know Korean’s warm hearts here but at Lexis Busan I felt welcomed, at home and comfortable. Because of the great atmosphere the teachers create here I was able to… Continue reading Helene from Germany

Helene from Germany

This was an overall amazing experience! I loved learning and living in Korea! It really opened my eyes to what it means to live in Korea as opposed to what the media shows. I learned so much and I hope to share the experience with my friends and family!

Hezekiah from United States

After studying in Korea twice, I can say that the education at Lexis and service I was provided including accommodation and so on was very good. All the information regarding how to find the school and so on was detailed and accurate.

Karl Fredrik from Sweden

[Lance did private 1:1 lessons at our Lexis Busan campus.] The classes were appropriately tailored to my level. The content was interesting and applicable. 김윤정 선생님 did a great job preparing for class. She always had plenty of content and even made presentations to help me learn the background of several tourist sites in Busan before… Continue reading Lance from United States

Lance from United States

The school in Busan was really nice to visit – the atmosphere was very enjoyable and I learned a lot of new things in a small amount of time. Also, I like that all the teachers regardless of which class they give lessons to, are interested in helping during breaks or other moments.

Tom from Netherlands

선생님들이 친절해요! 제가 한국어 질문이 있으면 다 저를 가르칠 수 있었어요! 한국어 선생님들도 영어 선생님들도 예쁘고 좋아요~ 너무 감사합니다! 저는 처음에 부산에 오고 한국어 수업을 들었어요. 정말 좋은 경험이고 많은 추억들을 만들었어요. 기회가 있으면 다시 돌아오고 싶어요!

Yu-Ting from Taiwan