This was an overall amazing experience! I loved learning and living in Korea! It really opened my eyes to what it means to live in Korea as opposed to what the media shows. I learned so much and I hope to share the experience with my friends and family!

Hezekiah from United States

선생님들이 친절해요! 제가 한국어 질문이 있으면 다 저를 가르칠 수 있었어요! 한국어 선생님들도 영어 선생님들도 예쁘고 좋아요~ 너무 감사합니다! 저는 처음에 부산에 오고 한국어 수업을 들었어요. 정말 좋은 경험이고 많은 추억들을 만들었어요. 기회가 있으면 다시 돌아오고 싶어요!

Yu-Ting from Taiwan

Even though Busan campus is just starting out, it is already creating a solid reputation for being a great Korean language institute. The teachers are lovely and always include the students, and the students easily create a welcoming atmosphere. Even though afternoon classes are tied along with morning classes, making them exceptionally intensive, I feel… Continue reading Kellie from Australia

Kellie from Australia

When I first arrived, I did not know what to expect at all but I would never have thought Lexis would turn out to be this good. I’ve had the time of my life, met so many amazing and interesting people including the teachers. Every morning when I arrived to Lexis, it felt like coming… Continue reading Emma from Sweden

Emma from Sweden

Staying in Busan and attending Lexis for the past 5 months has been a huge learning curve and exciting all at the same time. I’ve met many great people from different countries and made friends that I will never forget. Within the classes of Lexis I could feel myself improving as the weeks went by… Continue reading Natalie from Canada

Natalie from Canada

The school in Busan was really nice to visit – the atmosphere was very enjoyable and I learned a lot of new things in a small amount of time. Also, I like that all the teachers regardless of which class they give lessons to, are interested in helping during breaks or other moments.

Tom from Netherlands

My experience in Lexis Korea was really great. The positive aspects of my class were the very structured lecture of class and the very friendly teachers. I learned so much Korean in this 2 weeks at Lexis Korea as I usually learned in a year by myself. The teacher’s were great and the experience was… Continue reading Max from Germany

Max from Germany

Lexis Busan was the perfect place for me to come before doing a semester of university in Seoul. I loved the city of Busan during summer and the Lexis classes and activities both introduced me to Korea and helped me make some life long friendships which have helped me settle into Korea tremendously.

Kyle from Australia

After studying in Korea twice, I can say that the education at Lexis and service I was provided including accommodation and so on was very good. All the information regarding how to find the school and so on was detailed and accurate.

Karl Fredrik from Sweden

I am very pleased I had the chance to study at Lexis Busan and would like to continue my studies when I return to Australia. My teacher in the first 2 weeks was very patient with me although I did not know any Korean. The first week was very difficult for me, but by the… Continue reading Ryan from Australia

Ryan from Australia