[Lance did private 1:1 lessons at our Lexis Busan campus.] The classes were appropriately tailored to my level. The content was interesting and applicable. 김윤정 선생님 did a great job preparing for class. She always had plenty of content and even made presentations to help me learn the background of several tourist sites in Busan before… Continue reading Lance from United States

Lance from United States

Staying in Busan and attending Lexis for the past 5 months has been a huge learning curve and exciting all at the same time. I’ve met many great people from different countries and made friends that I will never forget. Within the classes of Lexis I could feel myself improving as the weeks went by… Continue reading Natalie from Canada

Natalie from Canada

I am very pleased I had the chance to study at Lexis Busan and would like to continue my studies when I return to Australia. My teacher in the first 2 weeks was very patient with me although I did not know any Korean. The first week was very difficult for me, but by the… Continue reading Ryan from Australia

Ryan from Australia

Overall, I am very satisfied with my time here in Busan. The classes were small which made it very good to learn a lot and speak a lot. The teachers were both very lovely and helpful and I would recommend this school. Thank you!

Valerie from Switzerland

Sihyeon Jung was born in Korea but grew up in Vietnam and Australia. He attended Lexis Korea in hope to improve his mother tongue.  한국어 수업들은 아주 재미있었고 많이 배울수도있었어요. 수업에 몰랐던 문장들이랑 단어들도 아주 많이 알게되었어요. 또는 쓰기랑 읽기 를 자주 하는게 아주 큰 돟도움이 된것같아요. 선생님은 아주 잘 가르쳐주는 데다가 수업도 아주 재미있게… Continue reading Sihyeon Jung from Korea

Sihyeon Jung from Korea

Lexis Busan has a more relaxed environment and everyone knows everybody so that’s nice. Also, the tests are on Friday which allows students to have more time to enjoy weekend without having the pressure to study over the weekend. I was also very satisfied with my homestay accommodation. I felt like I had a second… Continue reading Sara Urbain Sanz from Sweden

Sara Urbain Sanz from Sweden

I really enjoyed my stay here at Lexis Busan. I was not only able to improve my Korean but also learn a lot about Korean culture and history. It is a small school but it has a friendly and charming atmosphere. I can recommend Lexis Busan to everybody!

Mina Seiler from Switzerland

Lexis Busan has been a wonderful experience and I will miss it thoroughly. This experience has allowed me to speak Korean again with confidence. Thanks to Lexis, I have been able to make loads of new friends, both international and Korean. I want to give a special shoutout to 지윤 and 윤정 선생님. They are… Continue reading Jisu from United Kingdom

Jisu from United Kingdom

This was an overall amazing experience! I loved learning and living in Korea! It really opened my eyes to what it means to live in Korea as opposed to what the media shows. I learned so much and I hope to share the experience with my friends and family!

Hezekiah from United States

It was one in a life experience that has a special place in my heart. Each and every person that took part of my experience in Lexis Busan will be remembered. Thank you for not only teaching me another language but also for all that amazing experiences. 사랑하고 감사합니다 💜

Ana from Brazil