K-Tour ▶ Busan Citizen Park (부산시민공원)

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LEXIS SEOUL - 렉시스 코리아

On the Friday, Dec. 12th, 2022, we visited Busan Citizen Park. As its name tells, it lies in Busan. More specifically, it’s to the north from Lexis Korea Seomyeon Campus.

Busan Citizen Park (부산시민공원) was formerly Hialeah Camp of the U.S. Army from 1945 to 2006. It had not only military faculties but also a school and many daily systems for the local Americans.

After the camp was removed and now became back to South Korea, it was reborn as a grand park for local Busan citizens.

We entered from the South Gate. In summer, it shows a waterfall.

There’s the museum about the history of the park, from when it was the military camp.

Gongsa jung bulpyeoneul deuryeo joesonghamnida… (Sorry for your inconvenience due to our construction)

In winter, as you see, you can find this small and red fruit. Looks so yummy! 😉

Sometimes some other institutes display…

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