Student-friendly Eats & Drinks around Lexis Busan

Lexis Busan campus is strategically located in downtown Seomyeon – an area that offers a huge variety of tasty food options without breaking the bank.

Our students have shared with us a list of the places they visit the most during their studies with us.

DSC00151 - Copy
Located just right across the road from Lexis Busan are 토마토도시락 (Tomato Dosirak) and 옹헤야불백 (Ong-Hye-Ya-Bul-Baek) where you can get some reasonably-priced lunch options from as low as KRW3,500.

DSC01674 - Copy
We have students who often take-away their own dosirak (which translates to lunch box) from 토마토도시락 and dine together at our Student Lounge. Some others though prefer to head out to one of the many restaurants nearby for a meal.

DSC06837 - Copy
The street right behind where we’re located houses a few restaurants that offer budget-friendly meals. One of the popular lunch spot amongst our students is 시로이 돈까스 that serves affordably priced donkatsu at a range of KRW5,000 to KRW8,000 for those needing a good protein fix.

DSC06834 - Copy
Another popular spot is Woojung Bibimbap with the menu ranging between KRW4,000 to KRW7,000. Economical for a student’s wallet and the bibimbap’s (Korean mixed rice) served there are also delicious and filling. There are two branches located close to Lexis Busan and more often than not we’d find our students there during lunch.

DSC07048 - Copy
There are also students who would want to grab a quick breakfast or simple sandwich. We would then point them towards both 또아식빵 and Tous les Jours bakeries which are only a short 3 minutes walk away.

DSC07047If you walk past 또아식빵 bakery, the smell of freshly baked bread emanating the air would lure any bread lovers in!

Usually after classes, our students would either hang around the Student Lounge to do their homework or chit chat with their peers whilst taking the opportunity to practice their speaking skills with our local Korean students, who are studying English at our campus.

There are also some students who on the other hand, prefer a good cuppa coffee whilst they study, so they’d head out to a nearby café.

DSC01182 - Copy
Our students are regulars at Holly’s Café which is conveniently located on the 1st and 2nd floor of DS Tower where Lexis Busan is. The second floor provides a spacious area, allowing our students to comfortably hang out with their friends.

Paik’s Coffee 백다방 just around the corner from Lexis Busan campus is also a spot that our students visit frequently. The coffee at Paik’s Coffee is said to be good value for money and that the environment is great for them to do some revisions together.

DSC06885 - Copy
More often than not, we’d find our students walk in the door in the morning with a cup of Compose Coffee in hand. Our students have mentioned that Compose Coffee serves good yet cheap coffee which is “great value for money”.

The streets of Seomyeon are filled with cafes, bars, and restaurants that offer delicious and inexpensive food which naturally attracts many young people. It is impossible to list all the dining and café options in the area around school because here in Seomyeon, we simply are spoilt for choices.

DSC06948 - Copy
To top that, adjacent to the school, is the popular Jeonpo Café Street, and as its name suggest, the area is made up of many charming cafes offering unique coffee and desserts as well as individual restaurants that serves delicious, tasty meals. The cafes and restaurants are quirky, trendy and are perfect hang out spots for students especially in the afternoons and evenings.

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