Courses offered at Lexis Busan

This post is designed for those who are interested in taking Korean language classes at our Lexis Korea – Busan campus.

Our regular Intensive Korean 25 and 15 courses are catered for adults and are taught using a dynamic and interactive learning style.

Our teachers provide a fun and vibrant atmosphere, encouraging you to actively participate in classroom discussions on the range of diversed themes each week.


There are also group exercises and activities during class that allows interaction with your classmates allowing you plenty of opportunity to learn what you’ve learnt as well as help you build your confidence in using the language.

Both our Intensive Korean 25 and 15 courses run from Monday to Friday as per the below timetable.


Our Intensive Korean 25 course is a full time course that runs from 9am to 3.30pm, whereas Intensive Korean 15 is a part time course that runs from 9am to 12.15pm.

Both courses share the same morning core text. The only difference is the addition of the skill focused classes that run during the afternoon session.

Those wanting more practical exercises should consider our Intensive Korean 25 course as it provides you with the opportunity to learn more vocabulary and to pick up the Korean language at a much faster pace. You may however want to keep in mind that it is more intensive.


In terms of the course structure, we don’t have a fixed start date as we run a weekly curriculum which enables students to start on any given Monday, for any given duration that suits your schedule. So that would mean you can study with us for a week, a month or even a year – it is your call.

Feel free to contact us at for a free quote! Alternatively, you may also work out the calculation for the cost using this post HERE as a reference.

If you have other commitments during the day and require classes during the evening, then we would suggest that you consider our 1:1 private Korean language classes whereby the timetable and curriculum can be tailored to suit your needs and schedule. Contact us for further information.

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