5 Reasons to Study at Lexis Korea


  1. International Mix: Lexis Korea is supported by international agents throughout Asia, Oceania, Europe and Latin America. Our students will get to meet and befriend other international peers from around the globe.
  2. Academic Record: As part of the Lexis group, Lexis Korea has an absolute commitment to academic quality. Students can be assured that our courses are written and taught to the highest possible standard. Our classes also are small with an average of 6-14 students to ensure that each student is given plenty of individual attention.
  3. Flexibility: Here at Lexis Korea, we offer flexibility in terms of our class schedules as well as a full and part time course to make it possible for everyone to achieve education on their own terms. We offer a weekly curriculum allowing our students to join us on any given Monday for any duration that best suits their timing. Yes, be it for a week, a month or a year, it’s your call!
  4. Social Activities: Even though our students are expected to work hard, we also strongly encourage that our students mix and mingle with both the international mix and local Korean students. Our students will have plenty of opportunities to enjoy both their studies and the many social activities organized by the school.
  5. Modern Campus, City Centre Location: Both our campuses are centrally located. Lexis Seoul being a short few minutes’ walk from Gangnam station, is right in the middle of the action. Our newly opened Lexis Busan is no different, with the school located right in the heart of Seomyeon – Busan cultural hub.

為什麼要選擇Lexis Korea 的5 個理由:

  1. 學⽣來⾃多個國籍: Lexis Korea 與亞洲、太平洋區、歐洲及拉丁美洲等國際代辦合作。因此我們的學⽣可以在Lexis Korea 遇到許多來⾃不同國家的同學做朋友。
  2. 教學歷史: ⾝為Lexis 集團的⼀員,Lexis Korea 對教學品質⾮常有把握,學⽣可以確保他們所學習的課程設計上是相當⾼⽔準的。我們的班級上也控制在⼩班制,6~14 名學⽣,以確保每個學⽣都有發⾔且學習的機會。
  3. 彈性化: Lexis Korea 提供⾮常彈性化的課程,我們有上午班以及全天班可以選擇,讓所有的學⽣都可以依照他們的時間安排適合⾃⼰的課程。我們每週⼀開課,這也讓時間的參與更加彈性,使學⽣可以更輕鬆地加⼊我們學習的軌道。
  4. 社交活動: 儘管我們的學⽣都⾮常的認真投⼊在學習韓語,我們也強烈建議學⽣應該多與國際學⽣以及韓國當地學⽣交流的機會。因此學校提供許多校外活動讓學⽣們有機會交到更多朋友,並從中學習韓語。
  5. 座落於市中⼼,現代化教學環境: 我們Lexis Korea ⾸爾及釜⼭校區,都是位於韓國最繁華⿈⾦地段的語⾔機構。⾸爾校區與江南站只有短短幾分鐘的距離,當然我們的釜⼭新校區也不例外,位在釜⼭正中⼼⻄⾯站。



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