A visit to Busan Citizen Park

Every Friday afternoon, Lexis Korea organizes daytrips and excursions to introduce glimpses of South Korea and its culture to our students.

Earlier this month, whilst the weather was still warm and sunny, we paid a visit to the Busan Citizen Park (부산시민공원).

Our International students and Korean local students joined the activity, and together we got some snacks from the nearby E-Mart for a picnic at the park as we chatted the afternoon away. One of our students also even came to join us with her corgi.

Our students had a lot of fun getting to know each other, practice their language skills and actually making friends. Lots of photos and selfies were taken too, as you can see.

With the weather starting to cool down as we welcome the autumn season, we have a lot of fun activities lined up for the month of September! Check out our activity calendar:

Busan - Sept Activity
The Autumn months from September to November are considered one of the best time to visit South Korea as during this time, the weather is mild with blue skies and the trees tinted with beautiful fall foliage. Come join us!!

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