Nampo-dong Tour

지난 9월 8일 금요일 부산렉시스에서 다같이 남포동투어를 갔다 왔어요!
지하철을 타고 남포역에 내려서 광복로 > 용두산공원(부산타워) > 깡통시장 > BIFF광장 > 자갈치시장 > 롯데백화점 옥상공원 전망대까지 ! 날씨 좋은 오후 남포동을 만끽했어요 🙂

BIFF광장에서는 한국의 전통 문화인 사물놀이를 구경했고 자갈치시장에서는 부산의 유명한 해산물들을 직접 눈으로 볼 수 있었어요. 마지막으로 바다가 한눈에 보이는 옥상공원에서 커피를 마시며 휴식을 취했습니다!

렉시스친구들과 볼거리, 즐길거리, 먹을거리 풍부한 남포동에 같이 놀러가는 거 어때요?

A visit to Busan Citizen Park

Every Friday afternoon, Lexis Korea organizes daytrips and excursions to introduce glimpses of South Korea and its culture to our students.

Earlier this month, whilst the weather was still warm and sunny, we paid a visit to the Busan Citizen Park (부산시민공원).

Our International students and Korean local students joined the activity, and together we got some snacks from the nearby E-Mart for a picnic at the park as we chatted the afternoon away. One of our students also even came to join us with her corgi.

Our students had a lot of fun getting to know each other, practice their language skills and actually making friends. Lots of photos and selfies were taken too, as you can see.

With the weather starting to cool down as we welcome the autumn season, we have a lot of fun activities lined up for the month of September! Check out our activity calendar:

Busan - Sept Activity
The Autumn months from September to November are considered one of the best time to visit South Korea as during this time, the weather is mild with blue skies and the trees tinted with beautiful fall foliage. Come join us!!