Enrol now and enjoy BIG savings!

We’re running our second round of early bird promotion offering special rates exclusive for our Lexis Busan campus – 25% off tuition fees for students who enrol and complete payment by the 31st October 2017!

25% off

There is no minimum number of weeks required – it is up to you to decide on how long you’d like to study with us.

It is not necessary to have your classes commence by the 31st October to be eligible for the promotional discount. Say for example if you’ve already got plans to come in January 2018, you may enrol and pay up front by the 31st October and still be eligible for the promotion.

free ktx

As for students who would like to enjoy the best of both cities, we’re offering a free one-way SRT ride either from Seoul to Busan, or Busan to Seoul if students enrol for a minimum of 8 weeks and spends at least 4 weeks at Lexis Busan. This also applies to any of our current students who would like to transfer to either campus.

seoul & busanBoth Seoul and Busan are beautiful cities and are unique to its own, so we would highly recommend students to join us at both our campuses to experience both of South Korea’s largest cities.

As mentioned earlier, both the above promotions run only until the 31st October 2017. Enrol now to enjoy the special offer! What are you waiting for?


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